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The technical walk

REDELK walks with you anyhow, even when walking means more a wellness activity, carried out through the right gestures, like Nordic Walking. The general concept of this technical walk derives from the idea of Nordic skiing training out of winter. It has always been practiced, but officially recognized as official sport from 1997, thanks to the publication of a book by Marko Kantaneva, considered to be the father of this discipline.

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The basic difference between Nordic Walking and the classic walk lies in the usage of dedicated poles, which are applied a certain strength to on each step: this implies the involvement of body muscles, like the upper body ones, which in the classic walk are normally not involved.

Thanks to the collaboration with some Nordic Walking teams, REDELK developed perfect products for this type of sport activity.

What you need to do Nordic Walking? This sport can be always trained, in every season, as long as correctly equipped.

Apparel in this case as well, cannot be an exception and we propose you a range of technical products to follow your movements and to ensure a high level of comfort.

Ergonomic and light jackets and vests, which at the same time show a great insulating and breathable feature.

Comfortable pants with stretch fabric, to give you freedom of movement